Find your solution to fight Covid 19

Covid-19 has apprehended almost all the countries around the globe at a unimaginery pace. This kind of terrible disaster never took place before. Within a few months the number of Covid 19 positive cases has almost reached five million mark and death toll has crossed 3,00,000.

If we want to save humanity from corona virus, It is necessary to find vaccine immediately.  Pharma companies and research centres around the world are working round the clock with commitment and complete dedication to find vaccination as well as manufacture medicines from which they can reduce number of deaths each day happening due to COVID-19.

Tool to fight COVID-19

Corporate companies are developing products from which number of cases affecting each day could be reduced, our company is also focusing on developing such type of products which will be helpful in everyday chores , daily chores include, opening car and office or factory door handles, hitting buttons of elevator or while using ATM pin, carrying bags, using electric boards for switches, toilet taps, handling money

To defend the masses from this pandemic, we are making these products to be affordable for common man, middle class and upper class.

Future Advice- Mediclaim

For now everyone who do not have their mediclaim, need of an hour is that they should immediately buy mediclaim so that if you are affected by this virus then this mediclaim will work as a backbone financially

Future Advice-Insurance

For everyone who do not have an insurance it is very important that they buy insurance to strengthen your family’s future.

Stay Home Stay safe, if you are safe your family will be strong

Key chain for Promotional activity

Brand and branding, the bread and butter of corporate companies. A brand is not something that one can just whip up on a whim. It is an identity, something’s that gives a certain personality to the company and its products. It is that something that differentiates the transcendent from its mundane peers. Only through decades of hard work, gaining the recognition of the masses, and standing out from the multitude of competitors through sheer excellence does a brand come into existence. And the process by which a brand is generated and later promoted is known as branding.

There are various ways through which one can promote their brand, TV commercials, Newspaper and magazine ads or even promoting them within a movie. But all these methods are way too hi fi, costs an arm and a leg and lacks a certain personal touch. So here we use promotional gifting in which one gives out gifts for e.g. pens, diaries, e-gadgets etc. Most of these would naturally have either the company logo, name or something unique about the company on the body of the gift item.

Here also we face certain predicaments in the choice of a gift item, such as budget, company identity and field of practice, receivers’ tastes etc. One’s perfect gift might not even be an acceptable one for another, or in another hand the gift might be perfect but way too pricey to even think about mass purchase. Regarding Low end products such as pens, or diaries,there are several issues that plagues them, such as quality of the product, limited ways of usage and their pathetically short lifespan. They may be cheap, but they lack all these fundamental standard that make up a good promotional item as their performance reflect upon the company that gifts them

Key chains or as more commonly called key rings are much more advantageous as a gift item based on their versatility, quality and of course the wide variety of options to choose from. Let’s not forget about affordable, it is of moderate price range and readily available in bulk quantities. Key chains are of very importance in our daily life. Almost everyone has a keychain, unlike other gift item that we throw around carelessly or forget about in an instant, we keep key chains safe secure and close to us, we use it countless times in a day. Most people uses the same keychain for multiple years. Is there any better way or a better product that could outperform the key chains in promoting a brand? A branded key chains sears a brands name straight into its user through multiple usages across period of time. Even the dullest boy will remember something when he sees it countless times. Hence the utility of key chains is proven.

Maybe not as fancy as high end electronic products, key chains with  their ready availability , variety of shapes and sizes,often kitted with more additional features more than make up for any perceived disadvantages .All these factors provide the key chains with a high degree of versatility making it highly compatible with almost all industries. Be it the heavy industrial factories, Pharma companies or other corporates there is a perfect keychain for each one. Even if one needs something more from their key chains there are several options available such as bottle opener keychain, inch tape key chains, Fancy key chains featuring your favourite characters, etc. the choices are endless. All this within the limits of your budget.

Efficient, Cheap, Versatile, and a wide, colourful range of products, Key chains is the best and perfect choice for all your branding needs.

Key chain for corporate gifting

 Corporate gifting as it is an integral part of the corporate culture, it is as natural as breathing. The vendors gifts their corporate clients, corporates gives gifts to their partners, their employees etc. Gift giving traditionally is used to show ones appreciation to another, congratulate others on something, There by bringing the donor and the recipient closer together, providing them with a sense of familiarity between each other. Though similar corporate gifting is an entirely different ball ground altogether. Unlike giving gifts to your loved ones there are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed in the process
 one should always keep in mind the entire point of corporate gifting is to create beneficial relationships, make existing ones stronger or in crucial times mend them. In order to achieve these objectives there is a need for a gift product which is ideal for you, your budget, the receiver’s tastes etc. It might be hard to find something that fits all these points but, fret not, there is a product that is fit for anyone, any needs, and won’t leave an Everest sized hole in your pocket. It Is versatile, affordable and as close to a perfect gift item one can get, KEYCHAINS.

From A House in The suburbs to the penthouses in a five star hotel one of the most common thing one can see is the usage of keys and of key chains. From those who are dirt poor to the insanely rich, there is no one without any use for a keychain. Where there is a key there is a keychain .Keys, fromthe ancient times to the present day, holds a very important place in human life. Our secrets wealth, the security of our properties all based on asmall piece of metal. Hence , it is necessary to keep it close, to keep it safe, here the importance of key chains come into play. It is of utmost importance to keep ones keys systematically and orderly in key chains so that you don’t lose them and cause undue harm.

In regards to corporate gifting, the usage of key chains as gifts is self-explanatory. They are versatile in use, available at a variety of prices, easily available in material ranging from wood, acrylic, and leather to stainless steel. Not just this even the production methods itself provides variations in the key chains giving out more choices to choose till satisfaction. Compared to other choices such as pens, visiting card etc., key chains outstrips them by a mile in regard to utility and lifespan.

Unlike other gift products key chains are not that easy to be misplaced, nor are they easily broken. They will accompany their owner for years and years till they are passed down to others. And for those who are more fashion inclined, there are a wide variety of key chains dazzling in their style, shape, artistic to an extreme that will blow most fashion aficionados mind righ6t out of the water. For those manly practical types, bottle opener key chains, Scales, Measurement tapes etc ,are available for their pleasure,. And for those leather connoisseurs high quality leather key chains boasting quality leather works.

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