Leather with metal

Leather keychain comes in pure leather. Leather with metal fitting, zinc alloy with different plating can also be done it can also be fitted with dog hook. It is available in different colors. We also have in different models. Samples can be printed with different option like Plane keychain (Market Keychain) for corporate it can designed with brand logo like Gold printing Silver printing die embossing with laser engraving as per customer design. All these models which is done in leather can also be designed in Rexene material also.

  • Jaguar

  • Honda

  • Round Jaguar

  • Bata

  • Playboy

  • Lexus

  • Dell

  • Jaguar

  • Jaguar

  • metal power

  •  raymond 

  •  konark

  •  honda

  •  volvo

  •  bmw

  •   runwal

  •  mobil

  •  honda

  •  necc

  •  toyota

  •  green leather

  •  keychain with hook

  •  keychain with hook

  •  keychain with hook

  •   hyundai

  • Runwal Matt

  •   toyota

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